As IT challenges become more and more complex, it takes a special skill set to accurately define the problem, engineer a solution that is cost effective to solve the initial problem and evolve to prevent recurring issues. We have the team, certification and experience to find the solution that works for you.

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Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing
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Big Data Analytics
Mission IT Integration and Engineering/Administration
Mission IT Integration and Engineering / Administration
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Software Development


At Prophasys, we partner with the Army, US Cyber Command, NSA, and DISA; and our team reflects the intelligence community’s mission organizations. We bring highly technical personnel and rapid response results to the mission. We maintain a broad contract footprint with many access points allowing us to impact all elements of these organizations. We support the customer at the forefront of their operations and work side by side with them to address emerging threats to national security.

We support the Department of Defense and other Federal entities developing platform solutions that provide unified, timely, and responsive capabilities to fully enable Cyber Situational Awareness, Planning and Execution, Force Employment, Intelligence support to command and control and Information Sharing.  Our solutions are built to be interoperable across department, service, or cyberspace partners.

Read more here about ProjectX and how we helped a DoD agency find a solution.

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In order to provide the most comprehensive products and services to our customers, we maintain partnerships with the best companies in the industry. Our current partners include:


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