Systems/Database Engineering and Architecture

We translate user requirements for the exchange of information into cost effective and low risk technical solutions in terms of equipment and subsystems. The Prophasys System/Database Engineering and Architectural philosophy encompasses the integration of these parts into a complete entity resulting in a minimum investment, to fulfill the end goal.

Prophasys defines the true problem, understands the goal, architects and engineers the solution. This straight forward philosophy enables Prophasys to provide our customer instant results without exhausting their IT budget. Technical areas of focus are in Signals collection, Cyber, Unix/Linux platsforms, Virtualization, OpenStack, as well as Free and Open Source Software(FOSS).


Software Development

We develop multiple software tools and languages such as C, C++, Java, JNI, Perl, Python, Ruby, Unix shell script, Visual C++ 5.0, Visual Basic 5.0 and Assembly. We will build a tailored solution to meet your needs.

The Prophasys software development philosophy bridges your business and technology needs to accomplish your specific goals. This provides our clients with repeatable, high-level framework for sustained business change.


Storage Solutions and Engineering

At Prophasys, we know that you need reliable data storage. To help our customers meet IT challenges, our solutions leverage intelligent and integrated storage features. Our solutions support a variety of platforms, applications, and industries while offering back up services.

We install, configure and support services for various storage technologies to include NetApp, Sun, IBM, and EMC – not only architecting a storage solution, but also addressing data mining and data recovery.


Network Engineering/Administration

We architect, configure, install and maintain complex network solutions involving multiple facets of the OSI model to include hardware such as CISCO, BAY NETWORKS, FOUNDRY, Brocade and MARCONI technologies.

Our Network Engineering Services provide a wide scope of capabilities that address your network planning optimization needs. Our experienced team and capabilities help providers make the most of their network investment.


System Administration

We provide open and dynamic architectures utilizing virtualization through KVM and VMware technologies as well as integrating CentOS, Linux, Unix and Windows into a heterogeneous environment to facilitate multiple technological needs for our customer.

At Prophasys, we integrate the necessary databases to support the customer’s need whether that is MongoDB, Oracle, Sybase or SQL. We can build not only the network system and server architecture you need but configure and maintain the software applications that coincide within these server architectures.



At Prophasys, we partner with the Army, US Cyber Command, NSA, and DISA; and our team reflects the intelligence community’s mission organizations. We bring highly technical personnel and rapid response results to the mission. We maintain a broad contract footprint with many access points allowing us to impact all elements of these organizations. We support the customer at the forefront of their operations and work side by side with them to address emerging threats to national security.

We support the Department of Defense and other Federal entities developing platform solutions that provide unified, timely, and responsive capabilities to fully enable Cyber Situational Awareness, Planning and Execution, Force Employment, Intelligence support to command and control and Information Sharing.  Our solutions are built to be interoperable across department, service, or cyberspace partners.

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